Deck the Coop.


The girls and I had a little fun today as we decorated their digs today for the holidays. They were introducted to holiday decorations for the first time.

The girls get excited whenever I come to the coop carrying something. They assume I am brining a yummy treat for them to devour. I entere the backyard with my hands full of decorations to deck out their coop with. The flock was a bit mystified with these new and strange treats. One by one they approached, pecked at the bows and finally decided that they did not taste as good as they looked. Anyhow, after a few nasty looks from the gang, they realized that I was up to something else fun. Thus, the onlookers began to assemble.

This is the first year that I decorated their coop with lights. I usually put a wreath on their door and a stocking for Santa to fill with treats. This year I dedide to pimp up the coop decorations with some exterior illumination. Who doen’t love a adorable chicken coop decorated with a bit of holiday flair.

The flock reaction to the light strand when it lit up was quite entertaining. I stretched the lights out on the ground, working to keep the light strand tangle free as I decked to coop. While I momentairly stepped away to plug in the lights, the flock issued a serious of inspections. When I plugged the strand in, they were startled by the sudden illumination. This is their first experience with Christmas lights so we will see how they take to them.


Roy as always is not impressed. Even a good spring coop cleaning is something that he actively protests with a serenade of crowing. He is not a fan of having his digs messed with. Consequently he is not a fan of decoration day. Afterwords, he inspected and decided that the lights were not a threat, thus acceptable. His expression in the pic is just precious, he is a character like none other. The girls however are cool with the festive decor like any women would be.


The coop is decked out and ready for Santa. Last year Santa brought them a bag of knock out scratch and a package of meal worms. We will see what Santa leave for them this year. Santa has a soft spot for chickens.

The Girls want to wish everyone a Merry Kluck-mas and an Egg-celent New Year!!

As always, thanks for reading. Till next time, keep on crowing.

Roy (Buff Orpington Rooster) standing in front of the snowman guarding the coop.

~ The Kuntry Klucker Crew ~


  1. Vicki Grace · December 14, 2015

    I wanted to click “Like” but it won’t let me without a WordPress account. So…..LIKE! Love those blue lights. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Noelle K. Moser · December 14, 2015

      Thanks!!! Roy is still getting used them, but the girls seem to like them.


  2. Mary Haggard · December 14, 2015

    What a delightful coop for UR girls.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Noelle K. Moser · December 14, 2015

      Thanks Mary. We have fun decorating their digs. They seem to like the added spunk to their living environment.


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