Meet the Flock!

Hi everyone, welcome to the coop! Allow me to introduce you to the “Backyard Divas”. I have several breeds both standard and ornamental or miniature chickens. First let’s start with the oldest girls at The Kuntry Klucker Farm.

Buff Orpington

These large fluff balls or as I call them, “Golden Girls” are Buff Orpingtons. They are some of my oldest girls here on The Kuntry Klucker Farm, 9 years at the creation this page (May 2019). These ladies are the first chickens that I ordered almost 10 years ago. Orpingtons are a very gentle yet curious breed, they love human interaction and will beg for treats anytime I go to the backyard. They are always happy to see me and follow me around the yard much like a puppy would. They are very docile and want nothing more than to interact with their human caretakers.

White Crested Polish:

Next up are the White Crested Polishes. Polishes are a very curious breed and get into lots of trouble. They are essentially 3-year-old with feathers. The right setting is needed to keep this rare breed of chicken, they need lots of room to roam and plenty of things to do. They are by far my favorite breed, their personalities are very funny, they are the comedians of the backyard. Due to their crest feathers, their vision is limited thus everything spooks them. They are constantly being startled or surprised by simple things in their surroundings, thus they are a bit flighty and high strung. These features just add to their overall unique personalities and the fun they add to my backyard flock. They are indeed the stars of The Kuntry Klucker Farm.


These ladies here are Silkies. Silkies are known as the “teddy bears” of the chicken world. They have very sweet personalities and enjoy being held and carried around by my boys. They are a very docile breed and enjoy human interaction and attention. Additionally, the hens make very good mothers and will happily sit on any available eggs and raise chicks no matter what the breed. These ladies enjoy being mommas and are very necessary when wanting to grow the flock from your own stock. As of the creation this page (May 2019) Miss Donna is currently raising a brood of 7 Silkie chicks for me. She is such good momma.

Next up are the Cochins. I have several varieties of Cochins smooth feather, frizzle, and mottled or speckled. The Cochins too are a very docile breed that tolerate human interaction very well. Engina (black and white speckled rooster) is my alpha rooster in the backyard. He is very protective of his girls yet friendly toward humans, he is the gem of the backyard.

Black Australorp:

Australorps are the Aussie take on the Orpington, thus they are related to the Orpington. I have 5 of these ladies, they are the best layers in my flock. In the 1920’s the Australorp broke several world records for eggs layed in a year. The current records holder is an Australorp who 364 eggs laid in a single year. These ladies lay a dark brown Large to X-large egg. Like the Orpington they are very docile and friendly.

Easter Egger:


Next, we come to the Easter Eggers. I have 4 of these lovely ladies, also known as “Rainbow Layers,” these girls lay different colored eggs. Ranging in various colors most common colors reported are blue, green, pink, grey, white, cream, tan and brown. My girls lay light pink, white, cream and brown eggs. An Easter Egger hen will lay the same color egg for her entire life. Easter Eggers is a medium size breed that are very curious and playful. They enjoy interacting with their keepers but prefer if the keeper brings them treats

Silver Lace Wyandotte and Silver Lace Polish:

Acquired in (2021) these new ladies are almost a year old. Silver Lace Wyandottes and Silver Lace Polishes. First the Wyandottes. I have three of these ladies and a rooster named Smaug. These ladies are absolutely stunning. They are big friendly poofs of feathers. They have a very inquisitive personality and are always excited to see what I bring to the backyard. Smaug, our rooster is a pure gentleman and a delight to interact with. The loves to be held and asked for attention from anyone who enters his domain.

Now for the Silver Lace Polishes. These girls are absolutely stunning. The contrasting black and white in their feathers combined with their head crests makes these girls absolutely adorable. I have three of these beautiful birds, two ladies and a rooster named Link. Their personality is much like the other polish breeds, with the added benefit of their beautiful plumage. I don’t like to play favorites, but I have to be honest and say that these girls are the prize of my flock.

I hope that you enjoyed meeting the “Backyard Divas”. These ladies and gents will star in all posts here on The Kuntry Klucker. Welcome to the Coop! We hope that you enjoy your stay.