Hey there, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Noelle and I am a keeper of backyard chickens which I affectionally refer to as “the girls”. The girls that you see in my blog posts are Buff Orpington Chickens. They are a standard large heritage breed which first got its start in England. They are among some of the favorites of backyard chicken keepers because of their friendly and calm demeanor. That does not mean that they don’t get into heaps of trouble, they do but in a cute way. They are a very curious flock that loves to greet me whenever I go to the backyard to visit them. At the time of this entry they are 5 years old, which is about middle aged for a Chicken. They lay the best farm fresh eggs and are my assistance here on my hobby farm in the country.

The purpose of this blog is to share with others the joys of keeping backyard chickens. Many people are staring to care for chickens in their backyard, both in the country and the city. Chickens are fairly easy to take care of and for the most part less expensive than a large dog. They do however take daily care and maintenance with consists of making sure they have fresh feed, water, and a clean coop. Their coop maintenance only requires that I clean it twice a year and add fresh shaving as needed. They are fairly simple creatures that do not require much but give so much back in return.

In this blog I will share with my readers how I put them to work in my gardens all the while keeping them happy and healthy. I use their natural abilities to keep them busy and engaged. I will also share many stores of the funny things they do and the many humorous things that they get themselves into. You see chickens are very funny creatures, they are entertainment to the max, and the best part is, its free! I spend many evening in my backyard working, watching, and laughing at their antics. I will also provide some tips and hacks that I discover through the course of my time with them.

I hope that the stories and information that I share will help brighten your day or even help others as they begin their own backyard adventure.

The girls and I are glad that you are here. Enjoy!

Love window


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