5 Reasons to LOVE Silver Lace Wyandottes

Sapphira (Silver Lace Wyandotte Hen)

When one thinks of fancy chickens, Silver Lace Wyandottes often come to mind. With the striking black and white plumage forming a lace pattern, its hard to not love these ladies. These lovely ladies and gents are uniquely American, dating back to the 1800’s with admission into the Poultry Standard of Perfection in the 1890’s. As an American breed, Wyandottes have become synomous with the backayrd chicken movement in the United States. Widely available at most farm and feed stores, Wyandottes are the poster chick for the American backyard flock. They say that beauty is only skin deep, not for these ladies. After keeping these fancy ladies (and gent) for several years, I have compiled 5 reasons to be head over heels for Silver Lace Wyandottes.

(1) Beauty :

Let’s start with the obvious, these girls are absolutly stunning. In a flock by themselves or in mixed flocks, these ladies steal the show. The black/white lace pattern of their plumage is striking against the backgroud of a freshly cut green lawn. If you want to add a bit of high class to you flock, you can’t go wrong with Silver Lace Wyandottes.

Visitors to my farm, often inquire about my Silver Lace Wyandottes. As a breed they are show stoppers and often the subject of discussion. Visitors cannot get over the beauty this breed brings to the backyard setting . I am often asked for fertile eggs so they too can have a flock of these stunning ladies.

(2) Gentile, Docile and Enduring Disposition:

Sapphira and Brisinger (Silver Lace Wyandotte hens)

If you are looking for a breed that is docile and friendly, Silver Lace Wyandottes are a great fit. When I step into the chicken yard, my Silver Lace ladies are often first to greet me. They are excited at my presence, whether I bring treats or come empty handed. They love attention and enjoy handeling and petting. If you are in the market for a lap chicken, Silver Lace Wyandottes are the breed for you.

My Silver Lace Wyandottes leading the flock to greet me as I step into the backyard.

Silver Lace Wyandottes as a breed characteristic are very curious. They always have to get into and investigate anything that I am doing, whether it be planting crops, cleaning coops or yard care. They are my supervisors, always wanting in on what I am doing. They are very sweet , offer plenty of “hen-help”, and want nothing more than the full attention of thier keeper.

Smaug (Silver Lace Wyandotte Rooster)

Silver Lace Wyandotte roosters are well behaved and friendly. Smaug, our resident Wyandotte rooster is a gentlemen. He takes good care of his ladies and is friendly toward his humans. He is as close to a cuddle bug as a rooster can get. I have 13 roosters of various breeds, all are very well behaved, but Smaug gets the prize. At 12 pounds, Smaug is a gentle giant, and the cornerstone of the Kuntry Klucker Farm.

(3) Dependabel Egg Layers

Wyandottes are excellent layers of X-large dark brown eggs. The Australorp, also known for being an excellent layer is only outclassed by the Wyandottes is terms of egg size. While the Australorp gets the prize for the most eggs laid in a year (364 is the world record), Wyandottes are larger, proving that quality is better than quantity. In the photos above, I have placed a Silver Lace Wyandotte egg next to an Australorp egg. While the Austalorp egg is a dark brown and large, the Wyandotte egg (sitting to the left) is slightly darker and noticably larger. When I first started getting eggs from my Wyandottes, judging by the size, I figured them to be double-yokers. However, this is not the case. Wyandotte eggs are very large and a beautiful dark brown. These are by far the largest eggs I have ever recieved from my backayrd flock. With eggs this size, I plan to keep Silver Lace Wyandottes in my flock for years to come.

(4) Made in America:

If you are looking to buy American, Silver Lace Wyandottes are it. While most beloved backyard chicken breeds have origins in other part of the world, Wyandottes are born and breed in America. Uniquely an American breed, Wyandottes were first developed in the 1800’s, properly named after the indigenious Wyandotte people of North America.

Silver Lace Wyandottes are a Heritage Breeds. One of my priniple passions wthin the backyard chicken movement is that of conservation of Heritage Breeds. In 2015, Silver Lace Wyandottes were listed as “endangered” by the Livestock Conservancy. As of 2020, they were listed as “recovering”. Today they are no longer endangered and removed from the list.

Smaug (Silver Lace Wyandotte Rooster)

It is through our efforts as backayrd chicken enthuiasists that these beautiful birds are thriving. Without backayrd chicken keepers, breeds like the Silver Lace Wyandottes and others would easily slip into extinction. While keeping backyard chickens is an exciting hobby, its roots run much deeper. As a backyard chicken keeper, you are also acting as a conservationist. All of us play this important role, whether we are aware of it or not.

(5) All Weather Breed:

Sapphira, Brisinger, Eldest and Smaug (Silver Lace Wyandotte flock)

Unlike other breeds such as the Silkie or Polish, Wyandottes are able to tolerate many different climates. They come factory installed with the this superpower which has made them one of the most enduirng breeds in the United States. Due to ther rose comb, Wyandottes are able to tolerate cold climates without suffering issues of frost bite as other larger comb breeds often enounter. Although heavily bodied, Wyandottes are able to withstand the hotter climates.

For Example, here in East Tennessee, mother nature throws in all at us. In the winter we experience ice and snow storms. In the spring we experince strong/severe storms, many with torrential rains and the threat of tornados. Then in the summer, is hot and humid, our summer highs easily top 90-100F. Through it all, my Silver Lace Wyandotte ladies don’t seems to mind what the wild weather here does, they just keep on keeping on. In an area that encounters many different kinds of weather, this is an atribute that a keeper should look for in the breeds they choose.

This ease of care breed has quicky risen to the top of my favorites list. If you are looking for a breed that is easy to care for, Silver Lace Wyandottes are a breed to consider. If you want a colorful flock, Wyandotte chicken come in a variety of colors (Golden Lace, Buff, Partridge, Silver Penciled, Columbian, and Blue/Red Lace).

I hope this post has been a helpful breed profile for those interested in keeping Wyandotte chickens. If you have any questions I did not cover, please post in the comment section, you can also find us on facebook, or drop me an e-mail at kuntryklucker@gmail.com.

In addition to The Kuntry Klucker, I maitain a sister blog “Knowledge of the Spheres” decdicated to my other passion and academic degree, Astrophysics. If the subject matter of astronomy, astrophysics and anything space inteestes you, plase drop by.

As always, thanks for reading. Until next time, keep on crowing?

~ The Kuntry Klucker Crew ~

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