It’s Times Like This…

Empty egg cooler at my local Walmart.

As a backyard chicken keeper and blogger I am always presenting the advantages of keeping chickens. Chickens offers many advantages such as compost tenders, gardening associates, extermination forces, companionship and of course egg producers.

As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic and preparation for the impact on communities, people are taking steps to ready themselves. One of these readiness techniques is to stock up on goods and staples for an extended period.

Normally when this is done in an orderly fashion, stores are able to keep up with demand. However, when the impact of a crises hits suddenly, stores are often overwhelmed unable to adequately supply the demand needed by the public. In these cases empty shelves and vacant freezers are a common sight. Barren store shelves have another sociological effect, Panic! When shoppers planning to stock up for the forseeable future are greeted with empty shelves, the gravity of the situation becomes all too real. The scarcity of goods creates yet another threat to our situation often times solved by our primal instinct of “the strongest will survive”. As a result, fights over seemingly random items such as toilet paper, paper towels, canned food and essentials like bread and eggs are reported across multiple locations.

It’s times like this that I am so glad to be a backyard chicken keeper. While most people were raiding the stores for essentials and staples, I was quietly and methodically stocking up on chicken feed and other poultry essentials. It is often said that a country girl/boy will survive, this is indeed the truth, one of the benefits of being self sufficient. With a freezer full of frozen veggies from last years garden and fresh eggs being laid daily, we are often able to weather just about any economical crises.

COVID-19 Chicken Feed supply.

As the stores run out of important staples such as eggs, I am in the fortunate position to help out my friends and neighbors by sharing what I have with those around me in need. People often forget about us backyard chicken keepers till an egg recall or shortage is faced, then we are everyone’s favorite neighbor. In past supply shortages I have had complete strangers come to my door inquiring about purchasing eggs from me. I oblige when I am able to do so.

These events remind me again and again how fortunate I am to be able to keep backyard chickens. There have been times they have provided us our “survival food”. When natural disasters or other economical crises occur, there is just something about knowing that although the stores are bare the girls are still laying. Completely unaware of the situation unfolding around them, the girls go about their days sustaining us and others around us. There is a purity in not being totally dependent on the supply chain but rather your own land.

There are many benefits of keeping backyard chickens. Times of crises are one of those benefits. This is often forgotten till a situation arises that forces us to take stock. It’s times like this that I am ever grateful for my girls. They are a blessing that sometimes is not fully appreciated till situations arise and we become dependent on them.

When faced with uncertainties , people have their own ways of preparing. While most people were braving the long lines at the stores to ready their plans, I was preparing for my girls. I sustain them by making sure I have their essentials stocked for the upcoming crises. They will in turn sustain us and others in need through their eggs.

I wish everyone the best in weathering this storm. If we all follow the recommendations by our federal Government and local Public Health professionals we will survive. This is not the first time that humanity has been faced with an invisible enemy and it will not be the last. Take care and take care of those around you. If we band together we can fight this invisible foe.

As always, thanks for reading! Till next time, keep on crowing!

~ The Kuntry Klucker Crew ~


  1. Lyndy · March 19, 2020

    Yes! I’ve been making a list of things we are low on and need to get now just in case. Do you like the Dumor feed? I’m considering it due to the great sale price this week. Also, what is eprinex for? Is it like ivermectin?


    • Noelle K. Moser · March 19, 2020

      Hi, Lynda, I normally use Purina layer feed, I had to purchase the Dumore because that was all that was left. My local TSC got blitzed pretty badly. So I really cant give it a review yet. I will have to use it for a few weeks then I can make a decision. The Eprinex is for mites and lice. I was out so I had to get some more. Seeing that things are flying off the shelf I decided to make sure that I had a fresh supply of everything.


      • Lyndy · March 19, 2020

        Let us know how the Dumor feed works OUT!


      • Noelle K. Moser · March 19, 2020

        I will. I’ll do a post on chicken feed brands and which is best. I have been team Purina ever since I started keeping chickens 10 years ago. It is only now that I was forced to venture away from Purina due to unavailability as people stocked up for COVID-19. I am interested myself to see how it preforms in my girls. Purina assisted in allowing the girls to lay the most beautiful eggs with hard shells. I hope that this feed can do near the same. Stay tuned!


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