Little Hatchery Mixup

Hello again Kuntry Klucker fans. I promised in my last post that I would be sharing an update about the Bantom Boutique Gang. Well, here they are pretty much full grown and doing great! The Bantom Boutique Crew are well, bantam chickens which is another word for “miniature” chickens in the chicken world. But don’t let their small stature fool you, there is a lot of chicken attitude stuffed in those small packages. Starting with my little “hatchery mixup”.


When I ordered my chicks from the hatchery I ordered two breeds, Silkies and White Crested Polishes. Well I had a little hitchhiker that was neither a Silkie nor a Polish. He was what I named my little mystery chick. I had planned on naming all my Polish girls after Greek Goddesses and my Polish Rooster Apollo. Well, things did not go as planned and have changed just a bit. Allow me to let you in on the identity of my little mystery chick.


Everyone, meet Enigma! Enigma like the rest of the Bantam Botique Crew is a bantam, so they have size in common and that is just about it. Enigma has grown up to be a beautiful Motted Cochin, with a sweetest personality.

Enigma stink eye.JPG

Enigma is a rooster and has started to crow in the mornings when I greet them to let them out of the coop to start their new day. So, my plan to name all my polish girls after Greek Goddesses has changed slightly. I do have three polishes, two girls named Athena and Aphrodite, and a Polish rooster named Apollo. Since I had a little surprise in my batch of chicks I though the best name for the little one was Enigma. It would work for both a hen or rooster and is the perfect name since his identity was a bit of a, well an Enigma.


Enigma as I have already mentioned has the sweetest personality. He is the alpha rooster, (that means rooster in command) of the Bantam Boutique Crew. He takes care of the ladies talks to them and tries to find them treats to eat. He is the first out of the coop in the morning and the last in the evening. Good roosters at times can be hard to find, I am blessed and thrilled to have him apart of my flock here at the Kuntry Klucker Farm. He is a delight to interact with and his plumage is very striking. Although he stands out among the Silkies and Polishes he is a beautiful addition due to his motted feather pattern.

BB Gang play.JPG

In the evenings when I let the Bantam Boutique Crew out for some scratch and play time, Enigma does his best to keep watch for the girls as they hunt and peck for bugs. Although originally a unexpected hitchhiker in my order of chicks, I am thrill to have him. I am glad that Enigma found his way into my order, he was destined to be the king of the Bantam Boutique Crew.

That is all I have for now, thanks for taking the time to catch up with the girls and I. Till next time, take care and keep crowing.

~ The Bantam Boutique Crew~



  1. Lynn · August 5, 2017

    somehow.. I lost a nearly complete response to your latest posts. Will attempt find what where my perfect words. I so loved a good mystery and a good story as well. The Polish ladies and fellow have become quite glorious in their plumage and your little ‘mystery chick’ could have been the ‘Oddball’ but no, Enigma is perfect and I’m sure will have more surprises for you as time goes by. I love the way you capture the moment with your chicks as if we were right there and at the right times. So if Enigma is crowing, how strong is his voice? how do the girls and Apollo react to his crowing? So thankful we didn’t have any severe or heavy washout rains, but could have used some nice soaking in the night to refresh the lawn, plants and shrubs. Do the girls get a chance to play or dance in the rains or do they by instinct run for shelter like they the bits of sugar they are and afraid of melting? I did see in a previous photo you posted a kiddie pool.. do they enjoy a dip now and then or is that for a dust bath? I am getting more and more excited about having my own, but so much to learn. I am going to renew my search for the perfect coop and pen so I can enjoy them and not be a problem for the neighbors. Thank you again for sharing your girls and guys with us and have a Happy Saturday.


    • Noelle K. Moser · August 5, 2017

      thanks Lynn, I am so glad that you liked the latest post. Enigma’s crow sounds kind of funny right now. It sounds like he is crowing into a tin can. High pitched but muffle. As he gets bigger I am sure that his crow will become louder and more defined. Since Roy’s death, it is so nice to hear crowing coming from my backyard again. I love the sound of a roosters crow, especially mine. I keep the girls under cover when its is raining. The Silkies have very fine feathers, almost like fur, they do not like to get wet. So when the weather is bad I make sure that they stay nice and dry. But when its nice out I let them out to play for a while. I still have to keep the Kuntry Klucker girls and the Bantam Bontique crew separated so that they big girls don’t pick on the bantams. At some point I hope to have them in the yard at the same time but that will take work and time. For now I the big girls have the yard during the day and the Bantam Botique crew have the yard in the evening. It is indeed entertaining watching them discover grass and their excitement of finding bugs in the grass. They get so excited, it is just too precious.


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