Spring Fever!!!

For anyone who lives on a farm spring means several things; planting season, gardening, and chicks. The latter being the most important! Like many of you, I too am over winter and cannot wait to get outside and get my hands dirty working the soil. I look forward to the spring season every year. So far I have planted a Gogi berry bush, Gooseberry bush, two concord grape plants, and a few blueberries. Planting fruit producing bushes in the dreariness of February reminds me that better days are coming and invests in my future harvest.


Enough of me though, the girls too are ready for spring. After a long winter with cold weather, and short days they are finally coming out of hibernation and cranking up the egg laying. I got my first farm fresh eggs of the year a few weeks ago. They are sorely missed when they are on break but I look forward to a farm fresh omelet made by my girls as the Vernal Equinox approaches.

You see, I don’t force my ladies to lay in the harshness of winter. I allow them to take the much needed break that their bodies need during the winter season. Some people put lights in the coop to encourage a bit more egg laying which is fine. I just choose to let nature do what it does when it comes to their bodies producing eggs. Yes, it means that although I have a dozen hens in my backyard I have to buy eggs at the store. It is the funniest oxymoron that I can think of, but it is true. Even those who raise chickens have to occasionally buy eggs at the store. But now that spring is coming they are leaving little gifts for me just about daily. There is nothing better than a farm fresh egg after a winter of store bought eggs. The taste and quality just cannot compare. I treasure their gifts and thank them everyday for their efforts.

My flower gardens are starting to come alive as well. Along with farm fresh eggs I look forward to my gardens perking up and sprouting. I have a humming bird garden out my back door which I planted a bunch of spring bulbs in a few years ago. Each spring it is an absolute delight to watch them come alive again after a long dormant season. Each year they become more and more numerous and more and more beautiful. I also have a bird sanctuary garden which is also showing signs of life. It is my ritual every morning to grab my coffee head out the door and check on the growth of my plants as they bask in the early spring Sun. After a long winter their presence just warms my heart and bring me such joy.

Next, as the ground starts to warm I look forward to tilling the veggie gardens. The girls are always willing and waiting to help me with this chore as I prepare for the planting and growing season. As hubby and I till the gardens the girls are close behind picking out the worms and other delectable grubs that we uncover in the soil. They know that when we start up the tiller their banquet awaits. They just about fall over each other and cannot wait to have at the freshly tilled ground. From then on they have a busy garden season ahead as they patrol the rows of plants looking for grubs to much on. Yes, I will loose a few tomatoes in the process but I see it all as their payment for their much needed help.

So, am I suffering from Spring Fever? You bet, as soon as the baby chicks arrive at my local Tractor Supply Company store I loose it, I just cannot contain my excitement for the upcoming season. Once the clocks move forward and the Vernal Equinox arrives I am in a full blown case of the Fever. But you know, after a long winter and a break from the gardening chores, it is good to bet back in the tractor seat again and get back at it.

I know we will have plenty of adventures to share this spring and summer as the girls and I garden together. We will make sure to share our stores of life here on the farm. Till then thanks for reading and keep on crowing!!

~ The Kuntry Klucker Crew~






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