Country Chicks


As spring approaches, and the hatchery catalogs start to appear in the mail I get so excited, Why? Because spring means one thing, CHICKS!!!

I originally purchased my flock from a breeder. As we built the coop we were expectant parents in every sense of the word. It was almost like building a nursery and waiting for the baby to arrive. Instead of being pregnant with a tiny human I was awaiting a stork (mail) with my little peeps.

When they arrived, they were a total of 17 all huddled in a small box for warmth. They were the cutest things, and so helpless. I feel in love with them at first sight.


I placed them in a brooder and thus the adventure began. They had the best care and were looked after day and night. We also had two volunteer brooder supervisors who happily watched over the chicks for us.  Indy and Tabby my cats did an excellent job of keeping watch. Don’t worry, the cats could not get to the chicks and only served at overseers of their care. There were so enamored by the brooder, bird watching at its best.


So as any excited and proud mommy does I took baby pictures of my flock. I will share a few of them with you.

Who can resist a basket full of chicks, not me!


Then you have the all american approach.


However, I had the most fun with the few chicks that posed well. I had a few naturals when it came to posing for the camera. You have no idea how hard it is to take pictures of chicks that are scurrying in all directions. But I had a few hams that made the process easy and fun. Here are some of the pics that I took during that fun fluff filled photo session.


“I think this is the place”.


“Best buds”.

I had a good time taking pics of my girls. I am so glad that I did because they are only cute like this for a few days. After that they enter what I call the “ugly duckling phase”. This is when they start to loose their cute fluffy yellow down feathers and start to grow their mature feathers. The are actually kind of cute during that phase too, it is almost like they cannot decide if they want to be a chick or a chicken. All the stages of a chicken life are precious, just like the stages our human children go through as they mature.

The adventures of keeping chickens are both fun and exciting.

Till next time take care and keep on crowing. The girls and I will be back soon!!

~ The Kuntry Klucker Crew ~



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